Piano & Music Theory Tuition

for examinations, or just for fun!

Whether you're a complete beginner (of any age) or you're an experienced musician looking to expand your repertoire, West Wales Music can provide you with a challenging, yet enjoyable programme of musical education.

If you choose to work towards examinations in piano-playing, there are now exciting jazz or rock piano examinations available, as well as the traditional classical styles. Alongside your piano study, you would also work towards the ABRSM theory examinations, required for you to progress beyond grade 5 practical. Theory is an important part of learning music and is integrated into the music lesson, not taught in isolation.

We also offer tuition in practical musicianship which develops your abilities to play ‘off the cuff’, understand more of what you’re listening to and how to respond to it musically.

For other instrumentalists, we also offer examination coaching and accompaniment. Many orchestral instrument teachers are unable to play the piano to the standard required to accompany their students for examination. We offer professional accompaniment from grade one to diploma/university level. This comes with rehearsal time, where candidates can learn how their music interacts with the piano part, develop ensemble skills and generally enhance their musical expression and performance.


  • Practical Examinations
    ABRSM or Trinity Classical Piano
    ABRSM Jazz Piano
    Trinity Rock & Pop Keyboards

    Rockschool Piano
  • Music Theory Examinations
    ABRSM or TrinityGuildhall Theory
    London College Pop Theory
    100% pass rate over the past 15 years

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